Muscular Pain and Tightness

Muscular Aches and Tightness

Muscle groups work relentlessly to support posture when we awake, and they act in perfect coordination to maintain body dynamics. Healthy and fit muscles produce smooth and flexible movements. However, in modern days, the daily activities in our jobs can be quiet repetitive, without much change and such repetitive stress in certain groups of muscles can cause problems.


Muscular compartments of the neck, shoulders, and the lower back are of great importance to any activity. However, repetitive stress on muscles can sometimes change from acute muscular tightness to chronic pain, which under certain circumstances, may lead to misalignment of other adjoining tissues or muscular tear.


Acupuncture is a fabulous natural therapy to support your body’s recovery, it rapidly relieves the stress and inflammation. We are here to get you back to do your most loved activities and employment as soon as possible. Duration of treatment depends on the age, severity of the condition, and others, these can be further explained during the individualised consultation.

We also help muscular weakness and muscular wasting conditions. Please contact the clinic for further information.