Labour Support

Acupuncture for Labor Support

Based on the LMP (last menstrual period) and CRL (crown-rump length), the gestational age (GA) and EDD (expected date of delivery) can be calculated. Knowing this date is important for a safe and healthy delivery.

For majority of pregnancies, women undergoing labor induction require cervical rippening. Cervical rippening is the physiological processes of the cervical change towards the end of pregnancy. Throughout the trimesters it is vital for the foetus that cervix maintains a firm integrity even though the uterus enlarges rapidly and dramatically, and near the end of pregnancy terms, the cervix will be softened and increasing it’s flexibility, it is becoming more distensible. These physical changes are signalled by the body’s positive neurochemical and hormonal feedbacks, which then lead to cervical dilation,  and then labor, and then birth delivery.


Acupuncture Promotes Cervical Ripening

Our outpatient acupuncture services can help to reduce anxiety, promotes cervical rippening, reduce pregnancy related pain (such as back pain, carpal tunnel and sciatica), helps to reduce prolonged labor hours, and prepare the mother for a smooth and safe delivery.

Acupuncture therapy strongly supports the mother a smooth delivery by promoting cervical ripening, pelvis (muscles, joints, ligaments) softening and opening; it also helps the body to be ready in time by application of various stimulation techniques.

Start Acupuncture support around week 20 strengthens the body systematically, and during third trimester acupuncture promotes progressive natural cervical ripening. For ‘last minute’ labor induction we can apply stimulation techniques to achieve birth delivery on time.

Acupuncture and acupress has been practiced repeatedly with sounding results for more than two millennium, it is a safe, natural, hygienic method. Recently, medical journals start looking into the mechanism and results of acupuncture/acupress on labor induction, they have confirmed positive results. However, the studies started no very long ago, therefore the information is still regarded as ‘scanty’, comparing to the thousands of years accumulated practical cases in history. For some additional info please click on

In some cases, we can also make arrangements if labor induction has been advised by your Obs/Gyne and midwife. If you like to discuss further about treatment options, please contact us on 03 9470 8323.