IVF Acupuncture

Acupuncture Support for IVF 

Professional IVF acupuncture is available. All IVF acupuncturists are highly qualified and experienced in the field. We are here to provide acupuncture support to maximise success rate.

The clinic has well structured IVF acupuncture programs in:

  • Preparing IVF
  • Acupuncture Support before retrieval
  • Acupuncture Support during transfer (Pre & Post Embryo Transfer)
  • Support Implantation
  • Support / consolidate Early Pregnancy
  • promotes birth rate


Protocols for IVF Acupuncture is complex, involving multiple IVF cycle phases with specific and targeted physiological aims.


Every treatment is tailored and structured to complement the various stages of IVF. To have optimal results we encourage IVF candidates to contact us early to plan for the adjunctive regimen, and to explore the RIGHT timing of acupuncture intervention in the assisted reproduction technology (timing is important to estimate follicular & oocyte maturation within ovaries, moment of fertilization, moving to uterus through fallopian tube, endometrial lining changes, early embryological development and many more – timing is extremely important to achieve success rate).

For further details please contact 03 9470832, please provide some background, medication & dosage. We have an in-depth understanding and experience in the field and have precise comprehensive treatment plan tailored for every individual.


Extra Info on IVF Acupuncture

Study shows use of Acupuncture as adjunctive treatments during IVF improve ongoing pregnancy.



Evidence based study on efficiency and benefits of applying Acupuncture to support Fertility & Reproductive medicine. The study concludes that Acupuncture has positive influences at the time of IVF embryo transfer.