Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and Migraines could have very destructive influences to our daily lives. The causes of such complaint are often emotionally or stress related, bad sleeping pattern is also a common factor somewhat play parts in these conditions.

Chinese medicine treatments can relieve the aches, in addition to that, we will also target the underlying causes, in other words, we will look after and resolve any emotional, stress and sleep problems that are indirectly linked to the headache or migraines.


Clinically, it is common to see a reoccurring pattern of the headache or migraines, for some, severe migraines only happen on Fridays, just before weekends, these attacks come when relaxed; on the other hand, some people have reoccurring headaches on Mondays and migraines soon follow. It is therefore important to address any stress related factors during treatment, and to ensure a healthy sleeping pattern.

Sometimes headaches are sinuses related. The other accompanying symptoms could be including sneezing, nasal discharge, a history of hay fever, or a history of nasal septum surgery. Any of these or a combination of these can also be contributing to headaches.

There are many other factors can cause headache and migraine, another common one is straining of the neck and jaw structures. Our experienced practitioners can identify any underlying causes and help to resolve the ache effectively.