Other Services

Moxa Cupping & Massage


Moxibustion is a very unique and interesting technique which uses something called Moxa stick. The Moxa sticks are made with compacted herbs. During a moxibustion session (depending on the condition, sometimes in combination with acupuncture), burning of the herbal moxa is applied to the selected acupoints.


Gua Sha is a traditional therapeutic method popularly used to treat children as well as adults. New researches and studies found this method is useful to guide diagnosis as well.


A traditional therapeutic method uses cup-liked glasses as instruments. It generally used to relieve pressure within or between tissues.

With this method, other factors such as blood clotting factor and gap junction proteins are useful to be kept in mind, as these maybe indicative and useful to monitor progress.

Tui Na – Traditional Chinese Massage

Tui Na uses traditional massage techniques and relies on the Meridians Theory. So during the treatment, it is common that work also needed to be done at different locations to the problematic site.