Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Medicinal Practices

Chinese herbal medicine is another effective modality we use to achieve health goals.

Since ancient time, herbal medicine plays a dominate role in healthcare in many civilisations. Countries such as India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Italy, Aboriginal people, and Europe have accumulated abundant medical knowledge throughout history that is still valuable to our society today.

Thousands of Years of Emprical Practices 

Practices in Chinese herbal medicine were shaped through thousands of years, and it is now a well established and validated system to treat a range of disorders. Herbal formulae that we use currently have proven their effectiveness through countless generations.

Each formula has unique constituents and measured dosages. These herbal knowledge were developed with continuous advancements and refinements by medical herbalists, who were passionate about herbal medicine; and by those had confronted diseases, such as epidemic diseases; as well as by those had treated their unwell loved ones.

In Bundoora Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine clinic, the experienced practitioners will provide an in-depth consultation regarding your health concerns, formulate a unique formula that is suitable for your conditions, and guide you throughout the treatment progress.

We would like to focus to support the body’s own healing ability/immune.